FAN-TASTIC HACK How to clean a kitchen extractor fan

FAN-TASTIC HACK How to clean a kitchen extractor fan
FAN-TASTIC HACK How to clean a kitchen extractor fan

KITCHEN extractor fans are lifesavers but can also feel like a pain to clean.

So, we have devised a guide to show you exactly how to clean your extractor fan with minimal stress!

How to clean a kitchen extractor fan

Extractor fans make sure that all the steam our food produces while it’s cooking doesn’t turn into mould in our kitchens.

They are really very useful, but can seem like a challenge when it comes to cleaning your home.

It’s easy to ignore your extractor and just focus on surfaces, but they tend to get very mucky after a while.

Here is a step by step guide of how to clean it:

1. Make sure your extractor fan is unplugged

Check that it’s unplugged at the mains and also that it hasn’t been used recently. If it has just been used, it will likely be too hot for you to clean.

2. Remove the filter

Some extractor fans have paper filters and some have metal ones. If you have a paper filter, you should remove it and replace it with a new one.

3. Metal filters: Soak in washing up liquid

If you have a metal filter, remove it sand wash it in warm, soapy water for several hours if this is possible.

4. Use a toothbrush to rub away at grease

Once the filter has soaked, you should use a toothbrush or something similar to try and remove any grease stains that are left.

5. Towel dry

Once you are happy with the cleanliness of your filter, dry it carefully with a towel until it is ready to be put back.

How often do I need to clean my kitchen extractor fan?

Having a clean extractor fan helps to ensure that it works well and also improves your general hygiene in the kitchen.

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