FEMALE ‘PREDATOR’ ‘Much bigger’ woman forced man to have sex with her after saying ‘you may be saying no but your d*** is saying yes’

FEMALE 'PREDATOR' ‘Much bigger’ woman forced man to have sex with her after saying ‘you may be saying no but your d*** is saying yes’
FEMALE 'PREDATOR' ‘Much bigger’ woman forced man to have sex with her after saying ‘you may be saying no but your d*** is saying yes’

Imogen Brooke was feeling “horny” when she wouldn’t take no for a response and got on top of her vulnerable casualty, a court was told.

The “exceptionally tipsy” 30-year-old purportedly begun “riding” the man whose fights were going “in one ear and out the other”.

Following 15 minutes she then, at that point, got off him, turned over and went directly to rest, leaving the “abused” man – who can’t be named for legitimate reasons – lying in bed in dismay, the court was told.

Members of the jury at Southampton Crown Court heard Miss Brooke was “greater” than him and it was a “misguided judgment” that the casualties of sexual offenses are consistently female.

Examiner Robert Bryan told the court: “Imogen Brooke caused [the complainant] to participate in the sexual movement… also, he didn’t assent, and she didn’t sensibly trust him to assent.

“In the public picture, a sexual guilty party is male and the casualty of a sexual offense is female. That is a confusion. Confusions are precisely that – they are wrongly maintained points of view.

“This court, at the appointed time, may utilize an alternate word, that word being generalization; a broadly held yet fixed and distorted picture or thought of a specific kind of individual or thing.

“Corresponding to sexual issues, that short skirt worn by a lady, would she say she is fair game? Is it just an assault in the event that the lady is canvassed in wounds?

“A male with an erect penis – that morning erection, does that happen in light of the fact that men are physically stimulated?

“Generalizations have no bearing in criminal court. This case should be taken a stab at criminal proof and not on generalizations.

“Actual excitement is completely different to assent. The two could run couple however could run on isolated tracks.

“Since you are genuinely stimulated doesn’t mean you need it.”

The court heard the two had met on an internet dating site and that Miss Brooke was “significantly greater and more grounded” than her supposed casualty.

The jury was informed the supposed assault occurred at her home in Southampton, Hants.

Mr Bryan proceeded: “After certain beverages they hit the hay, where what he needed was to fall asleep. Miss Brooke needed to engage in sexual relations, and was pulling his arm, in the long run maneuvering him onto his back.

“She pulled him towards her and said ‘well, you might be saying no, however your d**k is saying OK’. She jumped on top of him and pulled his fighter shorts down.

“He told the police specialists she is a considerable amount greater and more grounded than him and he was unable to move her. He believed that it should stop.

“He thought saying no sufficiently eventual. At last it reached a conclusion and she just turned over and fell asleep.

“At the police interview, he acknowledged he had an erection, yet he would have rather not had one.

“She was on top of him, riding him by resting on his shoulders. It didn’t wrap up by his discharge, yet by him losing his erection and she surrendered.

“She said she had felt horny and needed to engage in sexual relations. At the point when she did what she did, he said he just surrendered as she wouldn’t pay attention to him.”

Mr Bryan told the court Miss Brooke denied the charge as she is “aware of her weight” and could never embrace that position.

She likewise doesn’t recollect the episode occurring.

Mr Bryan added: “Assent shows up in the charge however it likely could be a distraction, since he is unyielding that besides the fact that she had sexual action without his assent, yet he is determined that she was on top.

“Miss Brooke’s case is that wouldn’t, couldn’t and didn’t occur.

“With sexual situating extremely important to you, on the off chance that he has made this up – how could a man make a claim that he knows could be unlikely as the one position he realize that they couldn’t utilize?”

Mr Bryan portrayed the complainant as “unsophisticated” and “gullible” in sexual issues, before his meeting with the police was played to the jury.

‘Exceptionally Intoxicated’
In it, the complainant said: “She was exceptionally smashed and saying she was in that frame of mind. She was horny and needed to [have sex] and I didn’t and she continued to pull my arm.

“She’s a considerable amount greater and more grounded than me and I just couldn’t hope to make a difference either way.

“I can’t move her when she’s on top since she’s much heavier than me. She’s about two times my body weight – so I can’t move.

“I maintained that it should end. I just surrendered in light of the fact that she won’t pay attention to me. I expressed out loud whatever I said however it was going in one ear and out the other.

“It seemed like it happened for a long time yet presumably no longer than 15 minutes. It seemed like a truly significant time-frame – ceaseless.

“I felt abused. I was unable to accept it worked out.

“The next day she had no memory of what had occurred.

“She saw that I was far off with her yet she didn’t have the foggiest idea why. She caused me to feel sorry that I had allowed it to occur in like that. It seemed like a smack upside the head.”

Miss Brooke keeps one charge from getting making an individual take part in sexual action without assent.

The case proceeds.